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Bellagio Goes After Vancouver Restaurant with a Similar Name

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Would you confuse Bellaggio Cafe with the resort on the Strip?

Bellaggio Cafe in Vancouver
Bellaggio Cafe in Vancouver

The Bellagio issued a cease and desist order to a Vancouver restaurant with two locations that has a very similar name. The Vegas resorts asked Bellaggio Cafes’ owner Emil Malak to stop using the name.

"The Bellaggio Restaurants’ use of the BELLAGGIO mark is likely (to) confuse consumers as to the source of its services or as to some affiliation, connection, endorsement or relationship between the Bellaggio Restaurants’ services and the goods and services Bellagio offers under its BELLAGIO marks, when none exists," attorneys for Bellagio say.

Malak tells The Province that he opened his restaurants in 1999, and he’s surprised that after 15 years, the resort is coming after him. He also wonders whether anyone would confuse the two. Already he’s filing a Canadian trademark to fight for his right to use the name.