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Comedian Sara Schaefer on Her Drunken Fight at Mesa Grill and More

We've enlisted comedians, some based here and others who spend their time on the road and come through Vegas, to share their recommendations on great places to dine in Sin City for a feature dubbed Comedian Confidential.

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Sara Schaefer
Sara Schaefer
Courtesy Venetian

Comedian Sara Schaefer is the co-host of MTV's late night show Nikki & Sara Live and has made appearances on @Midnight, John Oliver's New York Stand Up Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Best Week Ever and Inside Amy Schumer. She won two Emmy awards for her work as the head blogger for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and was named one of Comedy Central's Comics To Watch in 2010. On Saturday night, she opens for Nikki Glaser during Lipshtick - A Perfect Shade of Standup at the Sands Showroom at the Venetian. Here she shares a tale of a brawl with her sisters at Mesa Grill, her allergy to nightclubs and the most shocking thing about Las Vegas.

How often do you get to Las Vegas?
I get to Vegas every year or two. My siblings live in Arizona, and so Vegas has often become the destination for bachelorette or birthday parties. Now that I live in LA, I hope to get there more often.

Do you remember your first trip to Vegas?
My first trip to Vegas was with my sisters over a decade ago. We came for a girls weekend and it was so fun. I was overwhelmed by the casinos; I had never been to one before, and the whole experience pretty much blew my mind. It felt like a drunken Epcot Center. You get to learn about other cultures (riding in a gondola in the Venetian) and science (how the roulette wheel sucks all your money into a black hole), all the while having drinks brought to you like the king that you are.

Do you have any favorite restaurants you like to visit here?
I got into a giant drunken fight with my sisters in Mesa Grill. Brings a whole new meaning to "Throwdown with Bobby Flay."

Do people approach you while you're dining out?
Check back in a few years.

What about nightlife? Do you ever go out after a show to unwind?
I usually feel pretty amped up after a show. I like getting late-night dinner with friends afterward. I like intimate restaurants, dive bars or a good old-fashioned diner. I'm violently allergic to nightclubs.

What was the first thing that shocked you in Las Vegas?
Finding out that my parents got married in Vegas in 1969.

What can we expect at your show?
Nikki is a power house stand up, so you can expect some amazing jokes from her. From me, you'll get a super long monologue about my father. JK I'm hilarious!