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Tin Pan Flats to Join Downtown Henderson Revival

The rebirth of downtown Henderson might include a wine lounge and tap house.

Rendering of Tin Pan Flats
Rendering of Tin Pan Flats
RAFI Architecture

With the newly opened Berwick's Urban Lounge on Water Streat sparking interest in a revival of downtown Henderson, a freshly proposed project would help matters even more.

Tin Pan Flats from Urban Pioneer Properties would create 35 apartments at 302 Tin St., located a couple of long blocks away from Berwick's and across from City Hall, and fill the ground floor with retail and dining.

Plans about to begin the approval process with the City of Henderson propose to build a "bodega wine lounge," a "micro-restaurant with tap house" and a bicycle shop. Renderings created by local firm RAFi Architecture have inserted a brewing silo on the side of the buildings.

The Tin Pan Flats concept revolves around serving pedestrian, bicycle and public transit focused urban housing residents, in buildings designed with the maximum attention to environmentally friendly construction and operation. Think recycled materials, solar energy and rainwater collection for on-site irrigation. The first City staff review is on Oct 1.