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The Mystery of the Wahlburgers Location May Be Solved This Weekend

Donnie, Mark and Paul Wahlberg plan to film Wahlburgers in Las Vegas this weekend.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg
Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg
Erik Kabik

The mystery of where Wahlburgers might locate its first restaurant in Vegas got a little more intriguing when the Wahlberg boys announced plans to film for the upcoming season of their show on A&E in Vegas over the weekend.

Jenny McCarthy’s show at The Quad brings her new husband Donnie Wahlberg along with actor Mark Wahlberg and Wahlburgers chef Paul Wahlberg, all captured on film as they “scout” a new location for one of three burger restaurants they’re bringing to Vegas. Presumably, the trio haven’t found a location for their franchise location, even though they are casting for characters to be on the show and work at the restaurant.

As to clues about where they might locate, the working theory is they will land on the Strip since the “search” requirements include a high-profile location. Earlier this week, Wahlburgers announced that three locations would open in Vegas over the next five years. The space for the first, expected to open in early 2015, includes 4,400 square feet with outdoor patios "all the signature characteristics of the flagship restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts, including full-serve and quick-serve dining options, take-out and a full bar."

Eater Vegas is naturally interested in hearing where readers spot the celebrities filming in Las Vegas.