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Reviews of Food Trucks, SLS Restaurants and More

Your weekly round of restaurant reviews so you don't have to read them.

Truck U Barbeque
Truck U Barbeque
Mike Minor

Al Mancini went with three of the newest food trucks for his weekly review. At Mike Minor’s Truck U Barbeque, he says dishes such as the slow-smoked short rib and cornflake fried chicken tacos were hits, but he just doesn’t get the French fries topped with short ribs, calling them "a bit of a disaster."

At the newish StripChezze, the service was "atrociously slow," but he likes the mac and cheese stuffed eggroll and the cheese-coated bulgogi.

His final stop, the healthy 50 Shades of Green. There he tried the chili made with organic beef and a turkey panini, but "found the quinoa salad utterly boring and devoid of flavor."

Brock Radke tries the new Umami Burger and Ku Noodle at SLS Las Vegas. "The debate will be where Umami lands on the Vegas burger map, densely packed with other awesomeness," he says. At Ku Noodle, he recommends the Lucky 12 basket"to sample all the dumpling goodness" but feels like the all-white decor "seems cribbed from Caesars Palace’s stalwart Beijing Noodle No. 9." [LVW]

Michael Uzmann, meanwhile, heads to SLS’ Cleo. He gives it four stars and recommends the lebaneh with feta and laffa bread, kibbeh, moussakah, kale flatbread, and fig and almond panna cotta. [EE]

HKR gives the Divine Cafe at the Springs Preserve an overall A across the board, just like she gave Sage at Aria and Wing Lei at Wynn Las Vegas and even though her "Zeppole/zappolis [was] a little late." [LVRJ]