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Uncle Joe's Pizza Serves Its Last Pie Tomorrow

Neighbor Kabob Corner is relocating as well.

Kabob Corner and Uncle Joe's Pizza
Kabob Corner and Uncle Joe's Pizza
Very Vintage Vegas

Say so long to Uncle Joe’s Pizza. The shop, which has been open on Fremont Street for 18 years, closes on Tuesday, according to Fremont Street Experience.

Apparently, the Downtown Project bought out the remaining 11 years on the lease. Same goes for Kabob Corner next door, which plans to relocate.

Last September, it seemed all was right in the world of Uncle Joe’s Pizza. Owner Xhindi Hazbi, aka Uncle Joe, originally planned to relocate inside the Gold Spike. When he discovered that he had 12 years left on his lease, he opted to stay and apply for a beer and wine license to help compete with his increasingly far fancier neighbors.

Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project owns the building that also hosts Uncle Joe's.