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Is The End Near for Vegas' Central Michel Richard?

The restaurant from Michel Richard filed for bankruptcy protection, but Caesars Palace puts the 24-hour care on notice.

Michel Richard
Michel Richard
Michel Richard

Could this be the end for Central Michel Richard, the 24-hour restaurant from the D.C.-based chef at Caesars Palace? Back in July, the restaurant filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Bistro Central LV LLC, dba Central Michel Richard, took the dramatic action to hold off creditors while the company tries to get its affairs in order and works on its future. Bankruptcy filings indicate the restaurant owes $1 million to creditors.

Now comes word via Vital Vegas that the restaurant "was put on notice it had 14 days to close, which means the restaurant will shutter for good any day now."

Whether that means the restaurant shutters or that Caesars Palace takes over the cafe remains to be seen. Reps from Caesars Palace did not respond to requests for comment.

In the meantime, Central is expected to make its first appearance in court for the bankruptcy on Oct. 25.

Vital Vegas reports the restaurant opened in September 2011 with $4.5 million "contributed" by investors for the build out.

This isn’t the first restaurant from the James Beard Foundation award winner to shutter in recent memory. In May 2013 the D.C.-based chef's Atlantic City outpost of Central Michel Richard shuttered at Revel, the newly built resort and casino, after barely a year in business. Revel has since closed.

Last October, the 65-year old chef's ultra-expensive Villard Michel Richard debuted inside the New York Palace Hotel to a Pete Wells "Zero Star" review in the New York Times, who trashed the restaurant as "awful."

Central Michel Richard

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