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Vincent Pouessel: 'If They Keep Creating Good Food, We Will Keep Eating It'

Sin City is home to a lot of restaurants and bars, but there are tons of hidden gems that the majority of Las Vegans aren't unearthing. To help guide us to these potential discoveries, we've enlisted some of our city's food players to share their recommendations for a weekly feature dubbed Dining Confidential. Know a chef who wants to share some top dining spots? The tipline is open.

Aureole - Vincent Pouessel copy.jpgVincent Pouessel [Photo: Mandalay Bay]

Vincent Pouessel comes from a family of butchers who live in a small town in Brittany known for seafood. He attended Saint Michel College and then Lycée Hotelier Notre Dame in St Méen le Grand, where he earned certificates in both cuisine de collectivitées and restaurant cuisine. He began his culinary career as a seasonal cook at La Mere Pourcel in Dinan before working in both Bordeaux and Paris, where he was the executive sous chef de cuisine at Le Jules Verne, a Michelin-starred restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower. When he came to Vegas, he worked as the sous chef de cuisine at the MGM Grand's Mansion, and then moved on to work for Charlie Palmer at Aureole in Mandalay Bay.

"I am so happy with the development of the restaurant world off of the Strip for locals to enjoy," he says. "I know it's not easy for restaurant owners to have a great product that is both well priced and consistent, but if they keep creating good food, we will keep eating it."

Here, Pouessel shares three of his favorite restaurants in Las Vegas.

Which restaurants do you turn to when you're not working?
Monta on Spring Mountain Road, The Goodwich on Las Vegas Boulevard and Tokyo Boys on Stephanie in Henderson.

What dishes are most memorable?
At Monta, I love their pork belly bowl, which is similar to fried rice. The textures and flavors are just right and it's really addictive.

I love just about everything The Goodwich serves, but I have to say the first time I had their foie sandwich (chicken liver mousse, foie gras, braised red cabbage) I felt like I was transported back home to France.

I love the homemade gyoza at Tokyo Boys. The meat has a nice texture, the dough is delicate and has just the right amount of crispiness. Their Zuke Maguro (ginger tuna sashimi) is super clean and has  great seasoning. It's a really good Japanese option for the east side of town.

Why do you enjoy going there?
The reason that I like visiting these restaurants is because I can go there with my kids and know they will  have something we all enjoy. For example, they are in love with Monta's ramen soup. These are also the kind of places that we can go to on a whim or an impromptu decision. The value of the food and the overall experience of these restaurants is unbeatable.
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