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Reviews of Made LV, Jinya Ramen and Carson Kitchen

Made LV
Made LV
Photo: Jenna Dosch

It seems über-fabulous restauranteur couple Elizabeth Blau and Kim Canteenwalla have a hit on their hands with Made LV, their new American tavern at Tivoli Village. Mason jars seem to rule the roost here, at least according to Al Mancini. He tried five dips and spreads served up in the hipster vessels ("They include a rich, earthy chopped chicken liver, pimento cheese and a delicately smoked sour cream with onions served with house-made potato chips.") and a dessert ("banana pudding, Nabisco nilla wafers, whipped cream and salted caramel").

Also of note, no free bread. Guests can order up garlic toast, bacon and cheddar biscuits or pita bread with tzatziki sauce. Among the appetizers, Mancini tried the bacon with deviled eggs and red-onion jam, a stuffed artichoke and salt and vinegar chicken wings.

While he liked the Canteen Bahn Mi ("a well-balanced winner"), he said the eggplant in the vegetarian "pastrami" "completely overpower the Swiss cheese, caramelized onion and Thousand Island dressing." From the main dishes, he liked the fish fry "accompanied by a saltshaker filled with malt vinegar powder, so you can load them up with vinegar flavor without drowning them in liquid." [VS]

Brock Radke says Jinya Ramen "is more than just another entry into the expanding world of ramen bars; it may be the most complete and comfortable version of this style of restaurant we have, and the food is devastatingly delicious." He recommends the Tokyo-style ramen, pork gyoza and fried chicken. [LVW]

HKR doles out a rare B grade to Carson Kitchen, the new downtown restaurant from Kerry Simon. She says most of her food "wasn't hot enough," but gives the atmosphere a A and the service an A-. [LVRJ]
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Carson Kitchen

124 South 6th Street, , NV 89101 (702) 473-9523 Visit Website

Made LV

450 S. Rampart Blvd., Las Vegas, NV