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Boo! It's Not The Real Joey Bag a Donuts In Vegas

Joey Bag a Donuts is East Coast Italian-American slang for an unnamed or a big boned fellow, but it is also a trademarked company, logo and concept.

The real Charleston, S.C.-based Joey Bag a Donuts with big expansion plans is not happy with a Las Vegas company with the exact same name, spelling and LLC registration readying to set up in the Lone Mountain plaza strip mall.

A quick Google search would have found the high-profile original and tipped the wanna-be donutters it might not be a good idea to use the same phrase. Legal representatives are actively pushing for an immediate change. The real Joey Bag a Donuts, known for their range of baked goods and "smiley face" donuts, still lists a possible future Las Vegas or West Coast expansion as "To Be Announced."
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Donut Shop

4810 W. Lone Mountain Rd., Las Vegas, NV

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