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Can You Eat 32 Tacos in One Hour?

If so, Mercadito has a food challenge just for you.

Edison Graff

A new food challenge lets you down 32 tacos in a hour for a free meal and a $200 gift card. Mercadito at Red Rock Resort kicks off the Mercadito Taco Challenge on Feb. 1, and those who down their allotted number of tacos land that gift card for a future meal and a shot at competing again in the fall with other winners for free tacos for life. Lose and pay $40 for the meal. As with any competition, there are rules, and they include no sharing, no menu modifications and corn tortillas only.

Those who just can’t fathom eating that many tacos can instead order the All You Can Eat Tacos, served two per order, for $19.50.


11011 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135 702-979-3609