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Downtown's Jury Room Bar to be 100 Percent Courtroom-Themed

The strange tiny Jury Room Bar story gets stranger.

Jury Room Bar
Jury Room Bar
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New details on the proposed Jury Room Bar make the kitschy concept sound so off-beat it might just work.

Occupying only 350 square feet of actual lounge space and with room for only 32 inside, the themed interior will feature the "wood and crown molding" look of an actual courtroom.

With a full liquor license, the bar will offer specialty cocktails named "after famous judges" and served by staff wearing "uniforms to resemble courtroom staff, bailiff’s uniforms, judges robes."

If that doesn't get you in the legal mood, TVs will run "video tapes of famous trials" or be tuned to "court tv." The owners perhaps didn't notice the cable channel Court TV was re-branded as TruTV in 2008 and ended live trail coverage in 2013.

The interior space will not look out onto Casino Center Boulevard, but will be hidden down a ground floor corridor. Described as a "a first class establishment," it hopes to lure customers from their close neighbors at the Clark County Detention Center, Courthouses and Marriage Bureau and steal some business from neighborhood fixture the Courthouse Bar & Grill, located one block away.

Kevin Plencner, the owner of Oak Brook Realty and Investments, is behind the project and his company owns the parking garage and building that hosts the ground floor tenants.

The proposal is expected to be head into the final approval phase in February.

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