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Nobu, De Niro and Gordon Ramsay Hit in the Caesars Bankruptcy

They are among the top 50 creditors with unsecured debt.

Gordon Ramsay and Nobu Matsuhisa
Gordon Ramsay and Nobu Matsuhisa
Eater Vegas

The Caesars Entertainment Corp. Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is complicated, with billions owed to its lenders, investment firms and hedge funds with secured debt. That you can read about on Businessweek here.

But what about the little guys, those with unsecured debt? They will be among the last to be paid back if the bankruptcy is allowed to move forward. A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge already issued a stay order preventing “the operating unit of Caesars Entertainment Corp. from moving ahead as planned with its bankruptcy.”

Businessweek took a look at the top 50 creditors who are owed the most, information commonly found in a bankruptcy filing. And those standing in that long line of unsecured creditors may not get their money.

Among those left out in the cold? Nobu, which opened its Nobu Hotel inside Caesars Palace nearly two years ago. The restaurant and hotel co-founded by actor Robert De Niro and chef Nobu Matsuhisa are owed $459,964.

Gordon Ramsay is the other chef who probably won’t be paid. The shouty chef behind Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, Gordon Ramsay Steak, Gordon Ramsay BurGR and the coming Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips is owed $307,479.

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