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Revealed, the Secret of the Illumilatte Brew Society

Conspiracy and caffeine kicks are coming to Spring Valley.

Illumilatte Brew Society
Illumilatte Brew Society
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With their tongue in cheek and "curated beverages" on the menu, Illumilatte Brew Society is headed to the Spring Valley retail center home of the former Bachi HLK, now rebranded as a Bachi Burger.

Illumilatte will reveal its secret society inside a 1,265-square-foot, former beauty salon. In addition to the tea and coffee house, an art gallery will be part of the concept. The cafe's overlords, "IBS Inc," have also released a mission statement to prospective employees.

We are founded on the secrecy and mystery surrounding the infamous Illuminati society, and on our deep passion for any and all curated beverages, especially lattes. Hence, Illumilatte.

The team are working on a tentative mid-March opening.

Bachi Burger

6825 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 220-4560