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José Andrés' Ku Noodle May Go, Griddle Cafe May Change at SLS Las Vegas

The changes come on the heels of the SLS Buffet shuttering at the newest resort on the Strip.

Ku Noodle
Ku Noodle
Wonho Frank Lee

Hard times are falling on SLS Las Vegas. Back in November, the newest resort in Las Vegas that opened right before Labor Day weekend shut down its buffet. So far, there are no signs that it will reopen.

Now rumor has it that some of the restaurants there will go through some big changes.

A source close to the project suggests that Ku Noodle, the very white noodle house from José Andrés, may go away altogether.

The Griddle Cafe. Photo: Wonho Frank Lee

The Griddle Cafe may convert into a more traditional 24-hour restaurant, getting rid of many of the breakfast dishes. Guests are apparently complaining that they can’t dine on dinner entrees at night.

The changes should be announced around Jan. 31. For now, this is a developing story.

Ku Noodle

, Paradise, NV (702) 761-7615

The Griddle Cafe

2535 Las Vegas Blvd, Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 894-4422