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Which Long Lost Restaurants and Bars Do Las Vegans Miss Most?

Alpine Village, Macayo's, Shakey's and more.

Rathskeller at Alpine Inn menu
Rathskeller at Alpine Inn menu
UNLV Digital Libraries

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Mark A. Curry maintains a Facebook Group called I Grew Up in Vegas, Baby, Vegas that’s a great place for Las Vegas natives to commiserate on long lost Vegas attractions. Curry keeps a list of what he calls "the most discussed, talked about, mentioned subjects and/or places on this group." He ranks them in order of popularity based on how often they are discussed. Here, the most discussed restaurants and bars that are most discussed. Keep in mind that some of these places are still open.

1. The Alpine Village Inn! (chicken soup, The Rathskeller, recipes, peanut shells on floor, locations, owners, on and on!) Sigh.......

2. Macayo's (their sauce, the TCTs, which ones are still open, the plastic donkey on the glasses, are they really closing? etc.)

4. Shakey's Pizza and other pizza places (Carbone's, Pizza Den, Pizza Bar, Sicilian Pizza, Tower of Pizza, etc.)

7. The Green Shack

10. Sit down chain restaurants (Sambo's, Carrow's, Bob's Big Boy, Denny's, etc.)

11. Other Mexican restaurants: El Chollo, Hilda's, Jungle Club, Chapala's, El Sombrero, Ricardo's, etc.

15. Burger joints (The Circus Room, Wimpy's, Whataburger, Dee's, McDonald's, Sunrise Cafe, West Castle, etc.)

16. Naugles and Food Factory

18. The Charleston Plaza Mall (including The Fox Theater and Pizza Den/Bar)

20. Bob Taylor's Ranch House and other supper clubs and steakhouses, (Hilltop House, Larry's, Los Ranchero's, etc.)

28. Nightclubs (Botany's, The Brewery, SRO, The Hop, Jubilation, Victoria's, Moby Grape, etc.)

30. The Horseshoe ($2 steaks and .50 cent drinks, getting your picture taken with the million dollars)

33. Keggers and parties in the Desert (Top of Sahara, The Caves, The Cliffs)

36. Old drive-in restaurants (Blue Onion, Sill's, Tip Top, Round Up, Bright Spot, White Spot, etc.)

39. Delis (Max C's, Foxy's, PJ Russo's, Chiaverini's, Jackies, Deli 300, Commercial Deli, etc.)

47. Bars (Elephant Bar, Elbow Room, Huey's Saloon, Goodtime Charlie's, Keyboard Lounge, etc.)

48. Cafeterias (The Harvest House and Furr's)

54. Was there ever a White Castle in Las Vegas? (The answer is NO!)

57. Fong's Garden

58. Bob Stupak and Vegas World

64. Farm Basket and Pik Nik'n Chicken (The Gobbler and Cluck-e-toes)

65. The old Ice House on Main

66. Italian restaurants (The Venetian, Phillip's, Villa de' Este, Italian Village, Tillerman, Copa Lounge, etc.)

69. Poppa Gar's

71. Where was the first McDonald's...??

74. Ice Cream Places (Luv-it's, Leatherby's, Clown Alley, Elephant Walk, etc.)

77. The Silver Dollar Saloon

86. A & W restaurant locations

88. The Country Inn and The Plump Turkey restaurants.

92. The Blue Angel and Blue Onion.