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Oz Invasion: Gelato Messina Sets a Date for Downtown Summerlin

Gelato Messina, home of Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom, is officially almost here.

Gelato Messina
Gelato Messina
Bradley Martin

One of Australia's finest gelato creators is closer to debuting more than 40 custom flavors of gelati and an impressive array of funky gelato cakes at Downtown Summerlin, 7,000 miles from their home base.

Located next door to the Wonderland Bakery, Gelato Messina is pushing for a March 2 debut and begins the hiring process next month. The company operates eight stores in Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne.

Their gelato is created with century old procedures and without any colorings, flavorings, preservatives or pastes. Familiar flavors such as chocolate, coconut and dulce de leche join brave and bold experiments like "pear & rhubarb, poached figs in marsala, pannacotta with fig jam and amaretti biscuit."

Dr Evil’s Magic Mushroom

Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom

Also on the way, a selection of their elaborate gelato cakes, including the "Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom," which sits on "grass" made from popping candy and crushed biscuit." It serves 14 to 16. The smaller, monoporzione version is known as the Mini Me.

Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina

When thieves stole a "Dr Evil" in full view of a security camera, the company took to social media to help catch and shame the clueless crooks who remorsefully returned to pay up.

For an inside view of the Gelato Messina methodology and culinary skills, spend a few minutes with their slickly produced promotional video. "It's pretty good."

Downtown Summerlin

1980 Festival Plaza Drive, , NV 89135 (702) 832-1000 Visit Website