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Remembering Fat Tuesday's, The Cavalier, Showboat and More

Who danced at foam parties at The Drink?

The Cavalier
The Cavalier

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From Marina Nicola, a native Las Vegan:

Fat Tuesday's on Eastern and Tropicana. That was THE place to go on Thursday nights after work. The line would be wrapped around the building. It's interesting to see what Fat Tuesday's has now become but back in the early '90s, it was a great place for locals to eat and drink.

The Cavalier on Desert Inn and Sandhill was a place my parents would take me for lunch. I mean, for many, that's how you grew up in Las Vegas. It's been years since The Cavalier was open but its signage remains.

My parents and I used to eat dinner at the Showboat buffet on Boulder Highway. We used to go there after we would finish shopping at... wait for it... Gemco, which was also on Boulder Highway. Both lots are now just dust.

The Drink (and Eat Too!)
on Harmon. Who didn't love foam nights at The Drink? It then became Ice and then that was it.