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Head to Bombay with a Trip to Urban Turban

Check out "Turbie," the Urban Turban rickshaw.

Take a look inside Urban Turban, the new Bombay-style Indian restaurant from Jasmine and Bhushan Arolkar. Here find Bombay bites such as lamb sliders, masala cup corn and gin chicken as well as bottomless curries and a wide range of Indian west coast seafood delicacies like the gunpowder shrimp. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes are a speciality here. Wash that Bombay fare down with local craft beers on tap and a specialty cocktail menu that includes the Bourbon Turban, Indian Mule and Cobra Kiss and more.

At the entrance, find "Turbie," the Urban Turban rickshaw, ready for selfies. Go ahead and look around the new 4,450-square-foot bar and restaurant.