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The Prohibition Plans for Downtown's Fremont Social

Fremont East's former dollar store will serve up Prohibition themed dining and cocktails.

Fremont Social
Fremont Social
Bradley Martin

"American tapas" is headed Downtown, with Fremont Social taking over a former dollar store, tucked between between the Vanguard Lounge and the Emergency Arts center.

First revealed by Eater Vegas, the project was initially proposed as tavern, however current plans appear just as focused on creating a new Fremont East dining destination.

The Fremont Social building dates back to 1951, 18 years after the local ban on alcohol was lifted, but the restaurant will feature a "mild Prohibition Speak-easy theme." The design will completely revamp the front entrance, add a kitchen, bar and a mezzanine. Live entertainment will be provided at least twice a week and the menu of "urban American" dishes will be served "Tapas style."

The 4,149-square-foot project will be decorated "in the mood of the 1920s. In addition, staff members of the proposed establishment will be dressed in 1920’s styled clothing, and a live DJ playing 1920’s Ragtime music will be provided."

As guests enter, they can choose to head to the right to sit at the bar with room for 20, or head into the main restaurant dining room which seats 56. Seating includes two large semi-circular booths and two tables for ten.

Up the rear stairs, a 592-square-foot dining mezzanine offers tables for 54, creating space for a grand total of 130 potential customers.

Owned by the Artemus W. Ham, III Trust, there is no current, obvious, connection to the investment tentacles of the Downtown Project.

Fremont Social has yet to be officially, or unofficially, publicly announced. Construction is expected to begin later this month, with no projected completion date uncovered.

Dollar Store$

520 E. Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89104