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Not Much to Order at Flock and Fowl — In a Good Way

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There's nothing wrong with a concise menu when the limited options are so good. That's Al Mancini's takeaway from his visit to Flock and Fowl, the recently-opened second restaurant from life/business partners Sheridan Su and Jenny Wong. Only five dishes are available for lunch five days a week currently.

Expect extended hours and dining options soon, but according to the critic, "Expanding the menu really seems unnecessary. The Hainan chicken rice is the star of the show here, and ordering anything else is just superfluous." Although "cold poached chicken with rice that's been cooked in chicken stock and a cup of chicken broth...sounds fairly boring, it's a truly delicious meal thanks to the accompanying condiments" like marinated cucumbers, thick house-made soy, and ginger-scallion sauce. An Eater reader expressed a similar sentiment, commenting, "Best Hainan chicken I've had...and I've had it all over the world."

If you really must have another dish, Mancini recommends Mrs. Han's Secret Recipe Twice-Cooked Chicken Wings, whose "symphony of tastes is wonderful." Not so for the fried chicken bao sandwich, which was "just a touch bland." Then again, with only five items each priced at less than $10, the menu should be conquerable for most fans of what Su and Wong are doing.

Flock & Fowl

150 North Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89101 (702) 272-2222 Visit Website

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