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Herbs & Rye, 6:30 to 7 P.M. on a Friday Night

Welcome to our photo series Eater Scenes, where Eater Vegas visits some of the city's great restaurants and bars to capture them at a certain, and very specific, point in the day. Eater Vegas photographer Amelinda B Lee scoped out the scene.

Nectaly Mendoza’s not going to lie. The beginnings of Herbs & Rye were rough, with days when he wondered whether he would be open the next. But he wanted to offer classic cocktails, each with a story behind them explained on the menu. Think pre-Prohibition era drinks such as the Moscow mule and Hemingway daiquiri.

That was late 2009. Now the bar and steakhouse has become a destination for bartenders in the know who want to slip into one of those barstools and watch the barkeeps chop ice, muddle and stir their way to some beautiful cocktails.

Mendoza admits he doesn’t have a favorite drink. Instead he wants every guest to have the right experience. "I just want them to do what’s best to do for them," he says. "We’re here to veer you into the proper drink with advice. There’s nothing on the menu that we disapprove of. We love everything we do from every cocktail to every dish."

Here, a look behind the scenes at Herbs & Rye on a Friday between 6:30 and 7 p.m.

Herbs & Rye

3713 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 982-8036 Visit Website