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Behold, The New Desert Landscape of SW Steakhouse

It’s hard to imagine SW Steakhouse looking better, but a quick refresh transformed the space into a desert inspiration. Wynn Resorts executive vice president of design Roger Thomas looked to the Mojave Desert for details in the space such as horizontal lines found in the sandstone that surround the Las Vegas valley.

Tucci marble from Italy and stone pieces carved in Jerusalem are found inside SW Steakhouse. Handwoven fabric panels installed in a geological formation randomly repeat. Thomas commissioned artists in Germany, France, Italy, Holland and Southern California to create these panels.

The bar area features Las Vegas artist Tim Bavington’s "Full Fathom Five," his visual representation of the song "Elephant Stone" by the Stone Roses. The bar top constructed of metals woven together on an 18th century European loom were then transported to Oregon to be encased in glass. And that detail on the bar edge? A tip to Cartier Love bracelets.

Out on the terrace overlooking the Lake of Dreams find an antique grill with white gold leaf, Thomas-designed carpet in Prince of Wales plaid, popularized by the Duke of Windsor, and the half-round centerpiece now made of resin instead of copper.

Thomas created storage pieces in the restaurant, designed to hold specific items such as linens, flatware and crystal. Each piece features a Brazilian rock crystal, "a playful symbol marking the proper place for the restaurant’s crystal glassware."

SW Steakhouse

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