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Hotness! Mint Indian Bistro Hosts 2nd Annual Inferno Curry Challenge

A dish so hot you need to sign a waiver before eating.

Inferno Curry
Inferno Curry
Mint Indian Bistro

For the second year, Mint Indian Bistro has unleashed its "Annual Inferno Curry Challenge Month," and the heat and warnings are no joke for anyone daring enough to take the bait.

From now until Oct. 31 if you order the bistro's Inferno Curry and actually finish it, you will receive a $50 Mint Indian Bistro gift card, "an entry into a drawing for complimentary dinner entrées for a year (one per month, 12 entrées total)," and your name and face on the newly redecorated "Wall of Flame."

For the protection of the restaurant, customers must sign a waiver before diving in. The Inferno Curry is served from 3 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily and can be made with vegetables ($17.99), chicken thighs ($18.99) or boneless lamb ($19.99).

Marinated with the hottest natural chilies in the world, the curry has defeated over 1,700 guests since 2008, with only 30 diners able to beat the heat and finish the novelty dish. The restaurant recommends a mango lassi for its cooling properties, though you're still doomed, statistically.

Mint Indian Bistro

730 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89119 702-894-9334

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