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Updated: David Clawson Restaurant Shutters, Leaving Dining Void Near Anthem

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The brave promise of a "first class dining experience" in the neighborhood was unsustainable.

David Clawson Restaurant
David Clawson Restaurant
Amelinda B Lee

As low-key as its arrival and owner, David Clawson Restaurant has quietly closed in Henderson, shutting off their phone and removing their web presence without dropping a hint if the chef will return in a more accessible location.

Committed diners willing to make an effort to find the obscure location were rewarded with a globally inspired menu that became a hit with critics and a fixture on the Eater 38 Essential Las Vegas Restaurants. However, it failed to connect with the dining habits of the crucial local Anthem community and nearby Henderson residents.

Centered around the 20-seat chef's counter manned by Clawson himself, the chef had spent time as an executive chef at Colorado's Lodge at Vail and Le Méridien San Francisco. Debuting in October 2014, the menu offered his subtle and precise small plate creations, designed for sharing and priced to encourage guests to try something new. While universally praised, the location was a consistent factor in discussions about the restaurant.

David Clawson did not respond to an email from Eater Vegas for comment.

Update 2:55 p.m.: Clawson just emailed Eater Vegas. "I just couldn't drum up enough business to cover basic expenses except for January through April, and finally ran out of money to keep it going," he says. "I hope that the people who did come enjoyed my cooking!"

David Clawson

Bicentennial Parkway, Henderson, NV 89074 (702) 466-2190