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Shake Two: Look Inside the Downtown Summerlin Shake Shack Before It Opens

Shake Shack uses reclaimed lumber in its decor.

Shake Shack No. 2 opens in Downtown Summerlin on Wednesday, and here’s a look inside the space before the doors swing wide. Much like its sister location at New York-New York, the restaurant uses recycled and sustainable materials in its design. The walls feature reclaimed cedar from old barns and Oregon White oak logs salvaged, milled and repurposed into wooden planks.

Like all Shacks, this location features energy-efficient kitchen equipment and lighting. The booths use lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and tabletops are made from reclaimed bowling alley lanes hand-crafted in Brooklyn, N.Y. See the entire menu here, and wander around the shiny new space before burgers start hitting the line.

Shake Shack

3060 Fillmore Street, , CA 94123 (415) 405-4618 Visit Website