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First Whole Foods Henderson, Now Town Square's Will Get a Restaurant

A restaurant with booze is coming to the Las Vegas Blvd. Whole Foods Market.

Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market

Eater Vegas recently alerted you to the unusual addition of a restaurant and bar coming to the Whole Foods Market in Henderson. Now comes word the company's Town Square branch also wants to take a bite out of your dine-in dollar.

The restaurant is part of an estimated $1.4 million construction upgrade for the 50,351-square-foot grocer, an expansion that will also add a new coffee and juice bar. The restaurant itself has already made plans to install a keg cooler.

Whole Foods Market is making a slow but steady nationwide expansion into the sit-down dining scene, and in Clark, NJ recently debuted Clark Bar, a full-size, fast casual restaurant described as "an ideal place for area residents and families to grab a refreshing cocktail, beer or glass of wine in addition to a delicious quick lunch or casual dinner." Clark Bar has already been partnering with local brewers for beer dinners.

Completion timetables and indication of the scope of the Las Vegas projects have yet to be revealed.

Whole Foods Market

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