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Yo Cuz, Steve Martorano to Pit Man vs. Woman vs. Carbs

The Martorano’s Masters World Pasta Eating Championship is almost here.

Steve Martorano
Steve Martorano

If you have eight minutes and an empty stomach on Oct. 17, why not register for the Martorano’s Masters World Pasta Eating Championship? Set for 1 p.m under Arc De Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas, the competition is your chance to eat your way to a cash prize.

Sanctioned by the Major League Eating organization, the event is hosted by restaurateur Steve Martorano. All you need to do is eat as much of his signature pasta as possible within 480 seconds. Prizes include $2000 for first place, $1000 for second place, $500 for third place $350 for 4th place and $150 for 5th place.

Twelve professional competitive eaters have already committed to attending, alongside Steve Martorano himself, who is also celebrating the one year anniversary of his Martorano’s restaurant inside the resort.

If you are interested in achieving gluttonous glory, sign up here.

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