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More Accolades for 'Savagely Good' Thai Cuisine at Chada Street

We read the reviews so you don't have to.

Chada Street/FB

Perhaps spurred on by Al Mancini's recent review, Brock Radke opens his latest review for Las Vegas Weekly with, "Chada Street has only been open for a month, but we couldn't wait." His excitement for the Thai street food restaurant is clear, beginning with the decor: "Beautiful, rustic wood is everywhere."

He feels "Simplicity shines" on the menu, suggesting that "A whole or half grilled Cornish hen ($8-$15) with an order of crab fat fried rice ($12) might be your new favorite lunch." The chicken meatball is "beyond addictive," as are the crunchy chicken wings; best of all is the sai qua, a spicy herb sausage which is "savagely good all by itself." Unlike Mancini, Radke finds nothing amiss at Bank Atcharawan's follow-up to Chada Thai & Wine, and concludes that "all levels of culinary curiosity will be consistently rewarded" at Chada Street.

Chada Thai & Wine

3400 South Jones Boulevard, , NV 89146 (702) 641-1345 Visit Website

Chada Street

, Las Vegas, NV (702) 579-0207