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Glaze Doughnuts Fires Up the Fryer on Saturday

"Glaze Doughnuts"? That's either insane or brilliant SEO strategy.

Glaze Doughnuts/FB

Glaze Doughnuts
Address: 6545 S Fort Apache Road, Suite 130
Phone: (702) 246-2888
Status: Opening Oct. 10, hours 5 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Doughnut fans, get ready to test the latest handmade contender when Glaze Doughnuts opens Saturday. A tipster alerted Eater to the shop's presence, which joins the strip mall ranks of Dairy Queen, Grill & Chill, Subway and Chun Fai Chinese Eatery. Glaze offers conflicting terms for Saturday's event, calling it both a "soft launch" and a "grand opening" — either way, expect what looks like a gluttonous spread of doughnut varieties.

#GlazeDoughnutsLV #LasVegas #OpeningDay #JoinUs #SmallBusiness #BigSmiles

Posted by Glaze Doughnuts on Thursday, October 8, 2015

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved: the company is taking submissions for Artist of the Month features as well as trying to fill cashier and food prep positions. Prefer just to sample? As Glaze's t-shirts suggest, "Don't worry, eat happy."