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16 Things You Need To Know About Mr Chow

The restaurant with a champagne lounge opening to the Caesars Palace casino floor debuts in mid-December.

Mr Chow
Mr Chow
Sean McBurny

Mr Chow, the Chinese restaurant from Michael Chow, plans to open its seventh location in December in the former second-floor Empress Court space at Caesars Palace, and now new details emerged about the "institution for the rich and famous and Hollywood’s biggest stars."

The Las Vegas Sun talked to Chow about the restaurant and what the experience will be like. Here now, 16 things you need to know about Mr Chow.

1. Usually the host of a big group does the ordering.
2. Patrice Rozat, who was the general manager of Mr Chow in Miami for two and a half years and the director of operations for Mr Chow Enterprises for two years, will be general manager.
3. Kam Kwan Chee, the former executive Chinese chef of the Atlantis Hotel Bahamas, will be the executive chef.
4. Beijing duck, fried Gambei seaweed and Mr Chow noodles are among the favorite dishes on the menu.
5. The space features a main room, outdoor patios and three private dining room, all overlooking the Garden of the Gods pools.
6. All together, 177 can dine here.
7. A sculpture in the main dining room sits inside the dome of the former Empress Court.
8. Chow says that "it opens and closes with lighting. It keeps on changing not just color but different shapes, so very sculptural."
9. A champagne lounge on the first floor opens to the casino.
10. Two elevators whisk guests upstairs.
11. Mr Chow is known for its champagne cart, but the lounge, a first for Chow, features champagnes by the glass, including Dom Perignon.
12. Chow says he "had five opportunities to open restaurants here, but each time there was a problem."
13. That last issue was at the Harmon Hotel, which MGM Resorts never opened and just tore down.
14. Chow opened his first restaurant in London almost 48 years ago.
15. He left China, and his family, at age 12, when he moved to London.
16. "I always had this desire to communicate between the west and east, so the restaurants became self-appointed ambassadors to create the culture."

Empress Court

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