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Cornish Pasty Co. Makes the Move to the Arts District

The British restaurant in the Commercial Center wants people to stick around.

Future home of Cornish Pasty Co.
Future home of Cornish Pasty Co.
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Say so long to Cornish Pasty Co. as you know it. The British-themed restaurant in the Commercial Center that features the delicacy that started with English miners is making the move to the Arts District, right across from the Arts Factory this spring.

"We don’t have that bar crowd, and that’s what we are missing right now," co-owner John Bender tells

The new 4,300-square-foot space takes over a former fabric store. Expect a restaurant that doubles in size and features a full-service bar that remains open until 2 a.m. The new space features as 1,200-square-foot indoor/outdoor patio "with large skylights and garage doors that open into the back ally for additional seating."

The original location remains open until the new space debuts.