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The Downtown Crown To Soon Serve a Slice of England 24/7

A chip butty and a Ploughman's will be round the clock features.

Downtown Crown
Downtown Crown
Downtown Crown

There's a British Invasion headed downtown. The Smashed Pig has debuted its English gastropub, the Cornish Pasty Co. is moving to a space across from the Arts Factory and now Downtown Crown will debut in December, creating a pub serving such gastronomy as a Cornish pastie.

The sequel to two very popular local Crown & Anchor pubs, the downtown version will take over the shuttered Bar & Bistro on the east side of the Arts Factory. Set to be open 24 hours a day, inside will offer a "little more edgy" version of a traditional pub and include video poker. Outside will take full advantage of the 5,663-square-foot patio, which will also welcome pets.

On the menu, expect a casual menu of American and British favorites like  "...the best in town!" fish and chips, steak and kidney and cottage pies, lamb stew resting inside a giant Yorkshire pudding, a Ploughman's Lunch and an English staple, the chip butty, better translated as a French fry sandwich. 

Bar + Bistro @ The Arts Factory

107 E Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89104 702-202-6060