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Fukuburger Drives into the Former White Rabbit Cafe Space

Las Vegas' favorite food truck makes its bricks-and-mortar debut in Chinatown.


Address: 3429 Jones Blvd.

A crazy number of repairs to the White Rabbit Cafe space led to the shutter of the food truck’s first venture in Las Vegas in the middle of summer. Now Las Vegas’ favorite food truck and a stalwart of the Eater 38 takes over the space with its second bricks-and-mortar location. Find Fukuburger favorites such as the Fuku burger with American cheese, lettuce, pickled red onions, wasabi mayo and Fuku sauce; the Tamago with its fried egg and crispy onion strings; and the chicken katsu finished with "crack" sauce and katsu sauce. Earlier this year, Fukuburger opened at the Hawaiian Marketplace.

White Rabbit

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