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California's Pollo Inka Express Expands Their Taste of Peru to Vegas

Pollo a la Brasa to "spice up your life" is coming soon.

Pollo Inka Express
Pollo Inka Express
Pollo Inka Express

Since 1987 the El Pollo Inka name in Southern California has meant Peruvian food and their signature Pollo a la Brasa. For the first time, they are expanding out of state and bringing their casual Pollo Inka Express offshoot to Las Vegas, debuting inside a former Taco Bell close to the Commercial Center.

Promising to be "opening soon," Pollo Inka is known for their signature rotisserie chicken, Pollo a la Brasa, available in quarter, half and whole sizes with a choices of sides such as cilantro rice, yucca and platanos. They have also built a reputation for their addictive, green, aji verde hot sauce, lovingly referred to by fans as "green crack."

Peruvian favorites arrive with cilantro soup and include the lomo saltado, beef sauteed with onions, tomatoes, plus French fries and rice and the tallarin verde, featuring a quarter chicken, plus spaghetti in a spinach and basil sauce.

They also offer an Inka chicken sandwich, pan con lomo, beef sauteed with onion and tomatoes topped with shoestring fries on a toasted roll and the Lima, Peru street food-inspired salchipapa, created with French fries and hot dogs topped with ketchup, tartar sauce, and "homemade spicy mustard, aji amarillo."

Beverages include maracuya, a sparkling grapefruit drink, and chicha morada, a sweet fruit drink made from purple corn. The desserts menu will offer bread pudding, flan and soft alfajores cookies.

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