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J. Gumbo's Has Arrived with Cajun Cookin' and Beignets

You can prepare your dishes as "hotter than a N'awlins summer."

J. Gumbo's
J. Gumbo's

J. Gumbo's
Address: 7021 Spring Mountain Road
Phone: 702-269-5446
Status: Daily from 10.30 a.m to 10 p.m.

Promising to place some "soul in your bowl," expanding franchise J. Gumbo's has brought their furthest west location to Chinatown's Rainbow Springs Shopping Center. The Cajun and Creole menu includes familiar favorites like gumbo, po-boys, jambalaya and crawfish etouffee, beignets and a caffeine lift from Baton Rouge, La.'s Community Coffee company.

Dishes include Voodoo Chicken cooked in a "spicy Cajun tomato sauce with garlic and our secret blend of voodoo spices," a gumbo with "a deep brown roux, onions and celery slow-cooked and served with chicken and smoked sausage" and a "traditional" style jambalaya, made with shredded chicken, sausage and the "trinity" of bell pepper, onion and celery.

A heat index allows guests a range of heat in their meal from "hotter than a N'awalins summer," to "more bite than a 20' gator" and down to "as mellow as a baby mudbug."

J Gumbo's

3565 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 (702) 269-5446