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Social Bistro & Wine Bar Already Shuttered at Tivoli Village

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So there's a pizza oven available at the westside shopping center.

Social Bistro & Wine Bar
Social Bistro & Wine Bar
Amelinda B Lee

Well, that didn’t last long. Social Bistro & Wine Bar at Tivoli Village apparently shuttered in October. A note on the door said the restaurant that opened in April was evicted for not paying rent.

The changeover is part of a long legacy of switcheroos at Tivoli Village. Social Bistro from Preferred Restaurant Brands took over the former Pizza Lounge space, which previously was home to Radio City Pizza. Preferred had originally partnered with former Michelin-starred chef Alex Stratta to create Tapas by Alex Stratta inside this space before their unexpected, amicable break-up in January. Citing differences of vision, Stratta has since moved his tapas concept a few hundred yards away into Angelo Sosa's former Poppy Den space. Stratta has since changed his former tapas restaurant into the Southern-tinged Salt & Pepper earlier in November.

Tivoli Village

Tivoli Village, , NV 89145