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South Korea's Hobak Family Expands to Chinatown

Authentic Korean BBQ is on its way from Seoul.

Hobak Korean BBQ
Hobak Korean BBQ
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Hobak Korean BBQ is expanding 6,000 miles from their South Korean base to debut in Chinatown in March 2016. Dropping into suite 101 of the Mountain Point Business Park on Spring Mountain Road, the 3,090-square-foot space has allocated an estimated $255,000 in construction costs.

Since 2009, 12 Hobak branded restaurants have launched in South Korea and an additional six franchises under six different names. With a declared combined revenue of $25 million in 2014, they aim to launch a U.S. franchise from their Las Vegas base.

Designed for a "younger demographic," Hobak's motto is "to specialize in few items and make it the best." Guests at Hobak Sikdang in Seoul are served by staff wearing jack o'lantern T-shirts to match the sikdang, pumpkin theme and offer prix-fix grill your own beef meals including soybean paste soup egg soufflé and a salad.