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Vote for Las Vegas' Bartender of the Year

Eater Awards voting continues and it’s time to debate the city’s top bartenders

On Monday, Nov. 16, Eater will present the 2015 Eater Awards, our sixth annual celebration of all that's made the restaurant world run — and run wild — in the past 12 months. Winners will be selected on both the local and national levels in five major categories, and the voting begins right now. The polls are now closed for restaurant of the year and chef of the year. Next up? Bartender of the Year. Vote now for the man or woman who really stepped up behind the bar in 2015.

Ricardo Murcia
's inventive cocktails at Lago at the Bellagio feature an edible bite in every glass. David English uses his creativity behind the bar at Other Mama, a locals' favorite. Jeffrey Alexander created the tiki-influenced cocktails at The Golden Tiki. Juyoung Kang continued the whiskey traditions at Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian when she took over the bar. Craig Schoettler continues his reign as the leading mixologist at Aria with his clever cocktails at Bardot Brasserie.

Here's how the voting works: Eater editors have named nominees in Las Vegas for each of five major categories. Eater readers will vote, narrowing the nominees to three finalists. From those three finalists, the Eater editorial team will select a winner. Ready to play your part? This poll will be open for 24 hours; voting irregularities will be strictly policed.


3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89109 (866) 259-7111 Visit Website


3355 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89109 (702) 414-3737 Visit Website

Bardot Brasserie

3730 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89109 (702) 590-8610 Visit Website

Golden Tiki

3939 Spring Mountain, Las Vegas, NV (702) 222-3196

Other Mama

3655 South Durango Drive, , NV 89147 (702) 463-8382 Visit Website