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Hawaiian Marketplace Makes an Evening Call for Frozen Drinks

Drinking and dining are coming to the center of the marketpalce

Hawaiian Marketplace
Hawaiian Marketplace
Bradley Martin

The long-rumored central bar for the Hawaiian Marketplace has found a tenant and it is a familiar name for fans of a brain freeze on the Strip. Evening Call will create their sixth local location in the open area of the marketplace, steps from Fukuburger, that will displace a number of the much-loathed kiosks that still haunt the formerly rundown retail and dining center.

Evening Call will offer an enclosed space with glass barriers so guests can people watch and enjoy frozen cocktails drinks like the "Summer Fling" with frozen watermelon and Citron vodka and the "Jäger-Bomb" containing "frozen energy and Jägermeister." Evening Call is also noted for offering over-sized souvenir containers for guests to sip while walking down the Strip.

This will be their first location to also offer dining options to help soak up the alcohol. Permits filed with Clark County in October explained that guests will be able to order food from the nearby "Republik" restaurant. Presumably referring to the now-shuttered People’s Republic, the space currently filled by the Pete Rose Bar & Grill, hinting at the option of ordering the grill's spaghetti, chili and cheese dish, the "Cincinnati 3-Way," paired with a "Call Girlz" refreshment made with frozen passion berry and vodka.

Hawaiian Marketplace

3743 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 795-2247