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Updated: F. Pigalle Almost Ready To Dip Into Fremont East

Sam Marvin and Jeffrey Fine are close to bringing fondue to Fremont.

Fondue Pigalle
Fondue Pigalle

Downtown's Radio City Pizza shuttered in August and almost immediately chef Sam Marvin and LEV Restaurant Group's Jeffrey Fine announced they would be opening a fondue concept in the space.

That surprising venture is now revealed to be named F. Pigalle, no longer Fondue Pigalle as previously reported here and is currently hiring for a possible November debut.

While the menu is still under wraps, local artist Pete Castro, also known as CastroART, created a massive 55 feet long and 7 feet high mural that includes nods to Paris' Quartier Pigalle, home to the dancers of the Moulin Rouge and the succession of red windmills that have sat atop its theater since 1889. The district and neighboring Montmartre to the north are home to at least nine restaurants serving fondue variations.

Fondue Pigalle

Fondue Pigalle - Photo: CastroArt

Following their closure, Radio City Pizza was rumored to return inside the shuttered Pop’s Pizza joint at the Akita Plaza, located across Las Vegas Boulevard from Mandalay Bay.

Update: Despite registering the name Fondue Pigalle with the Nevada Department of Taxation, chef Marvin's previous announcement to Facebook and artist Pete Castro, Marvin and Fine have now decided to rename the project F. Pigalle, a surefire headache for future guests searching Google for information.

Radio City Pizza

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