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Avert Your Eyes Henderson, Bikini Baristas Are on Their Way

Bikinis, lattes and one of the most honest job descriptions you'll read.

Hot Chick-a-Latté
Hot Chick-a-Latté

At one point in the Pacific Northwest, as many as 70 rivals operated over 130 bikini barista coffee spots, riding the crest of a craze that matched skimpy clothing with skinny lattes. And now the concept is headed to Henderson.

A mystery company with three locations in Seattle, Oregon and Washington wants to hire "5-7 beautiful young ladies, preferable 18-35 years of age." Described as a full coffee shop where baristas will be trained for a least three days before serving, the uniforms are a key to their success.

Future employees will be required to wear "bathing suits with g-string like bottoms," warning curious potential staffers they should "understand that both men and women will hit on you and you will need to conduct your self in a professional matter. There will be absolutely no nudity EVER allowed."

They also pre-warn, "if you have any jealous boyfriends and or girlfriends please don't apply. This is only for mature and reliable adults that want a decent job with great pay. Nothing else." The shop is offering $10 per hour, but all tips are yours to take home, with "the employees up north are averaging between $150- $250 per day in tips."

Las Vegas once briefly flirted with the theme almost a decade ago, hosting the Sexxpresso brand that sold coffee in A, B and Double D cup sizes. The Henderson concept has yet to reveal their company name, but hints at a location near Auto Show Drive. Typical names during the height of bikini mania have included Bare Espresso, Bottoms Up, Busty's, Hot Chick-a-Latté and Twin Perks.