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White Cross Market Shutters, So.Down Food District on Its Way

A locals' market shutters, a fancy market is headed next door.

White Cross Market
White Cross Market
Bradley Martin

Efforts to support an affordable food market in the neglected southern-most section of Downtown have proven to be an unsustainable challenge. White Cross Market shuttered Tuesday, following a steady stream of customers taking advantage of a half price "liquidation special" on all shelf items. Simple economics prompted the closure, but next year a new rival would have created some very close competition.

As Eater Vegas first revealed in September, So.Down Food District is scheduled to be built next to the market, inside the long vacant Myers Market. From the earliest proposal, food district was adamant their 21,890-square-foot design would not encroach into the White Cross footprint.

Currently unaffected by the drama a few step to the west, legendary Tiffany’s Café, now Vickie’s Diner since last October, will reportedly not be affected by the changes. Until today, guests entering the diner could choose to turn right through turnstiles to enter the market.

So.Down Food District

So.Down Food District. Photo: Bradley Martin

Dubbed on current paperwork as So.Down Food District, the bold project next door is pitched as a one-stop entertainment, dining and drinking destination. The "Global Street Market" will sell internationally inspired dishes from a host of different merchants. Nine separate kitchens are planned, plus a coffee shop and a juice bar. Twelve different pushcarts will circulate, including fresh flower, spices and candy carts. A "nano-brew," micro-brewery is an anchor attraction, plus daily live entertainment and a "Japanese Sake Speakeasy."

No updated timetable for the food district has been announced and no construction work is immediately visible on site.

White Cross co-owners Jimmy Shoshani and John Rouvas currently operate a Cousins Maine Lobster franchise, frequently parking their food truck outside their market.

White Cross Market

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