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First Cathay House, then The Jade, Now Hong Kong Dim Sum

Another switcheroo in a corner of Chinatown.

Hong Kong Dim Sum
Hong Kong Dim Sum

From 1996 until January of this year, Cathay House occupied the corner spot at the Cathay Hills retail center. With a reputation for dim sum, they expanded the brand in 2011 to another corner spot at the Palms, creating a "a restaurant within a restaurant," at the rear of the 24/7 Café. That venture also shuttered, in early 2013.

A Chinatown switcheroo turned Cathay into The Jade Restaurant, continuing the tradition of breakfast until late-night dim sum carts, plus roast duck, barbecue roast pork, egg tarts, noodle dishes and fresh seafood.

The space has now been sold and is undergoing a "major renovation," according to the Jade owners, and will return as Hong Kong Dim Sum, with paperwork adding "Seafood Garden II" to the name. Perhaps coincidentally HK Seafood Garden operates less than a mile away on Spring Mountain Road.

Construction work on the makeover has begun, but an opening date has yet to be announced.

the jade restaurant

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