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Behold, The Entire Mr Chow Menu

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You can't just get a snack here. There is a minimum.

Mr Chow
Mr Chow
Amelinda B Lee

Mr Chow debuted on Friday night at Caesars Palace and now your can make reservations at the seventh international location of the Beijing restaurant. Below, a look at the entire menu. Note there is a $40 minimum per person.

Hors D'oeuvres
Crab Claw $10.00 each

Fresh Scallop on the Shell $10.75 each

Chicken Satay Original recipe $7.25 each

Squab with Lettuce
Vegetarian available. Diced chicken and vegetable $21.50

Scallion Pancake $14.50

Chicken Curry Puff
Pastry puff filled with chicken curry $14.50

Turnip Puff With ham $14.50

Prawn Toast with Gambei $17.50

Salt & Pepper Prawns $23.50

Glazed Prawns with Walnuts $26.00

Minced Beef Pancake $15.50

Shrimp Roll $17.50

Gambei with Goodies
Walnuts and lotus roots $14.50

Mr Chow Spareribs $18.50

Lobster Shumai $20.00

Pot Stickers
Vegetarian available. A classic from Beijing $15.00

Water Dumplings
For celebration $14.50

Green Water Dumplings $14.50

The Box
Traditional beijing meat dumplings $14.50

Shanghai Little Dragon
Classic steamed soup dumplings $14.50

Mr Chow Noodles
Vegetarian available. The classic handmade Beijing noodles. Mr Chow introduced to the west in 1968 $19.50

Vermicelli with Lobster $23.50

Squid Ink Rice Noodles
Black ink $23.50

Fresh Clam with Rice Cake
With shepherd's purse $22.50

Corn & Crabmeat Soup $17.50

Shark's Fin Soup
Imitation $22.00

Semi Prix Fixe
Whole table served family style (min. 2 guests). Balanced and harmonious dinner from the sky, land and sea. Served with vegetables and sautéed rice
Two course dinner
Per person

Mr Chow
Two course dinner. Choice of: fresh crab, fiery beef or steamed sea bass
Per person
Additional (Per Person) With Fresh Lobster, Ma Mignon or Branzino
Beijing Duck
Min. 3 guests. Three course dinner: roasted to order in authentic beijing duck oven for 40 min
Per person

From the Sea
Fresh Steamed Branzino
Min. 3 guests

Drunken Fish
Fillet poached in wine

Steamed Sea Bass
Served with ginger and cilantro

Emperor's Crab
Once upon a time an emperor of china insisted on having fresh crab out of season. Therefore we use sea bass

Dressed Dungeness Crab*
Off the shell folded into a cloud of egg whites

Squid in Xo Sauce
Sautéed with asparagus

Fresh Live Lobster
3 ways

Green Prawns*
Famed portrait "Mr. Chow as green prawn" by Keith Haring

White Prawns
Folded into a cloud of egg whites

Nine Seasons Prawns
With water chestnuts

With Three*
Prawns, chicken, calvesliver and sea mushroom sautéed in wine

From the Sky
Beijing Chicken
With walnuts

Chicken Joanna
Chicken breast sautéed with wine and garlic

Velvet Chicken
Gentle with a hint of fresh chili

Gamblers Duck
Tender and crispy. Served with steamed pancakes and plum sauce

From the Land
Ma Mignon*
Filet mignon. Tender and delicious - our recipe since 1975

Fiery Beef
Filet mignon

Crispy Beef
Citrus flavor

Beef with Oyster Sauce

Beef with Shepherd's Purse

Pork with Sweet Potato

Spicy Pork with Chili

Sweet & Sour Pork

Lamb with Spring Onion

Lamb Shank
On the bone

Tofu Casserole
With vermicelli noodles

Vegetable & Rice
$7.50 Per person (min. Order for 2 guests)
Sautéed Baby Bok Choy

Fresh Four
Fresh yellow chives and asparagus

Lily Bulb with Mountain Yam

Mixed Vegetables

Sautéed Brown Rice with Mushrooms

Four Color Cauliflower

Quartet of Exotic Mushrooms
Fresh seasonal mushrooms with fresh bamboo shoots

String Beans with Xo Sauce

Steamed or Sautéed Rice


Caesars Palace

3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (866) 227-5938 Visit Website