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Gordon Ramsay Teases New Las Vegas Restaurants, Revisits Bobby Flay Feud

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay
Erik Kabik

Seven vital updates on shouty chef Gordon Ramsay, who was in Las Vegas last week to celebrate the third anniversary of Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace and Gordon Ramsay BurGR at Planet Hollywood Resort.

1. He wants to buy a house in Las Vegas. About time.

Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips
2. He says his Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, announced much earlier this year, will finally open at The Linq in 2016. A spokesperson at The Linq tells Eater Vegas it will open in June.
3. Ramsay wants to bring his Bread Street Kitchen to Las Vegas.
4. He describes it as “a Shake Shack model meets high-end, unique, fun, family oriented restaurant. So that might happen here.”
5. He already has Bread Street Kitchen in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and London.
6. Ramsay also wants to open a “cooking academy” in Las Vegas. He says he’s “in talks for that as well.”
Bobby Flay and Gordon Ramsay

Bobby Flay and Gordon Ramsay. Photos: Scott Harrison/RETNA

7. And perhaps most important update, Ramsay revisits his feud with Bobby Flay, whose Mesa Grill sits maybe 50 yards away from Ramsay’s pub at Caesars Palace. “Bobby Flay is the Iron Chef. That’s what we should be doing live here — him and I should be going to head-to-head for the “Caesars Palace Iron Chef.” And the loser has to do an Ironman triathlon.” That feud started in 2013 when Ramsay said he could out-cook Bobby Flay in a profile for Men's Journal. "I can still look at a box of raw ingredients and put together the best fucking dish you'll ever eat. That's why I laugh when they say, 'Let's see if he's a real chef. Let's get him up against Bobby Flay on Iron Chef.' I'm like, 'Fucking do me a favor...come on. I've forgotten more than he's known!'" Flay challenged Ramsay via Twitter, saying, "@gordonramsay01...disappointed but noted. Let's settle this like men, in the kitchen! No words, just knives. Show up or shut up." In fact, the whole Iron Chef throwdown at Caesars was Flay's idea. In May 2013, he told Eater Vegas, "Why don't we create some kind of kitchen stadium outside on the Strip in front of Caesars Palace, get some sponsors and Caesars to put up a bunch of money winner takes all to their favorite charity?"