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The Biggest Stories on Eater Vegas in 2015

Here's a look back at the biggest Las Vegas restaurant stories that readers absolutely loved in the past year. Pawn Stars, Wahlburgers, Floyd Mayweather Jr., big openings and closings, maps of classic restaurants, hot restaurants, brunches, cocktails and more made the list.

Rick Harrison
Rick Harrison
Susan Stapleton


Who Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Turned Down To Open at Pawn Plaza

Pawn Plaza

Pawn Plaza

You really wanted to know who Rick Harrison chatted with about opening a business at Pawn Plaza.

Image credit: Amelinda B Lee


The 21 Hottest Restaurants in Las Vegas Right Now, December 2015

Every month, Eater Vegas checks in on the hottest restaurants in town. And every month, this feature is a top story, week in and week out. See who's on the latest Heatmap.

Image credit: Amelinda B Lee


21 Classic Restaurants and Bars Every Las Vegan Must Try

This list of stalwart classic restaurants was something Eater Vegas readers returned to again and again.


The 38 Essential Las Vegas Restaurants, Fall 2015

Why this list isn't No. 1 is beyond us. Every price point, every type of cuisine, locations all over town. These essential restaurants you should consult for every occasion.


The Saddest Las Vegas Restaurant and Bar Closings of 2015

Comme Ca

Restaurant shutters are part of the natural evolution of Las Vegas. Here, a look at the biggest closings in 2015.

Image credit: Amelinda B Lee


Exclusive: It's True, Chick-fil-A Is Coming to Las Vegas

More than anything, Las Vegas wants a Chick-fil-A, and Eater Vegas exclusively broke that news in 2015. Not one but three are on their way. Here, a look at the first headed to Las Vegas. More than 43,000 Facebook shares on this article alone.

Image credit: Handout


65 Places To Eat Brunch in Las Vegas — December 2015

SushiSamba SushiSamba


Las Vegas likes to brunch, and Eater Vegas feeds that need with a monthly list of the best places to take on a hangover or just combine breakfast and lunch.

Image credit: Handout


Model Tyson Beckford Dines at Giada with De Laurentiis in the House
Tyson Beckford and Giada De Laurentiis

Tyson Beckford and Giada De Laurentiis

Celebrity sightings in Las Vegas were some of the biggest stories on Eater Vegas in the past year. Tyson Beckford and Giada De Laurentiis at Giada was reader gold.

Image credit: Instagram


Where to Drink in Las Vegas Right Now — Dec. 2015

Herbs & Rye

Herbs & Rye

You also like to drink.

Image credit: Amelinda B Lee


Get Disappointed — Your First Look Inside Wahlburgers Las Vegas


Were you disappointed that Wahlburgers never opened in Las Vegas? Yes, you were. It never did make a dent on the space at the Grand Bazaar Shops aside from a sign that could easily come down any time.

Image credit: Bradley Martin


Meet Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Personal Chef Quiana Jeffries

Floyd Mayweather Jr. prepped for the biggest fight of his career earlier this year when he entered the ring with Manny Pacquiao on May 2 in Las Vegas. You wanted to know everything about Mayweather's personal chef Quiana Jeffries.


Chumlee Bumps into Nick Lachey at Social

Another Vegas character readers love? Chumlee of Pawn Stars.


DJ Chumlee on the Wheels of Steel; Guy Savoy in Five Star Mood

Especially when Chumlee debuted his deejay set at Ghostbar.

Image credit: Joe Fury


Tequila Restaurante Calls It Quits After Six Months

For some reason, people went nuts when this unknown Mexican restaurant that lasted six months closed.


Rick Harrison and Corey Harrison of Pawn Stars Have a Night on the Town at Andiamo

Corey Harrison Celebrates His Birthday at Andiamo Italian Steakhouse

And you loved it when the Pawn Stars were just out and about being regular people out on the town.

Image credit: D Las Vegas


Legendary Riviera Casino Almost Certain To Bite the Dust



The Riviera closing was one of the saddest of the year.

Image credit: Bradley Martin


Wahlburgers Las Vegas Downgraded to Only 'Possible'

Wahlburgers just couldn't get their act together to open in 2015.

Image credit: Bradley Martin


Rick’s Rolling Smoke Tavern is Two Weeks Away at Pawn Plaza

Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ & Tavern

Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ & Tavern

Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars debuted his very first restaurant in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Image credit: Amelinda B Lee


Proof! Wahlburgers Is Coming To Bally's Grand Bazaar Shops

More evidence that Wahlburgers may actually come to fruition at the Grand Bazaar Shops.


The 48 Most Anticipated Restaurant and Bar Openings in Las Vegas in 2015

Everything Eater Vegas knew about in early 2015. Most opened. Some were not so lucky, nor anticipated. Others already closed.