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You Can Practically Taste the Seasons in the Harvest Cocktail Menu

Get a look at the cocktail menu at Harvest.

Amelinda B Lee

As Roy Ellamar gets settled into his new digs at Harvest at the Bellagio, get ready to taste the catchy cocktails at this new restaurant. Just like the menu, found here, the cocktails created by the resort’s mixologist Ricardo Murcia rely on market-driven products such as fruit and vegetable juices, boutique spirits, edible garnishes and clever preparation methods.

Look for a seasonal spin to classic drinks. For example, the martini features Belvedere vodka infused with smoke and blue cheese before it’s mixed with Mancino Secco vermouth and rosemary and garnished with a blue cheese-stuffed olive. The Negroni starts with a cocktail glass perfumed with Cointreau before tangerine-infused Plymouth gin, blueberry-steeped Casa Martelletti Vermouth Classico and Campari are added.

Murcia also added a carbonated cocktail-of-the-day to complement the daily menu specials.

Beets Roy

Beets Roy. Photo: Bellagio

The new by Beets Roy features El Silencio Espadín mezcal with housemade cold-pressed beet juice, lemon juice and mandarin syrup before it’s garnished with a goat cheese-stuffed beet cone.

Apple Rocks

Apple Rocks. Photo: Bellagio

The Apple Rocks has an apple chip frozen inside a 2-by-2 inch ice cube floating inside Mitcher’s Rye Whiskey, St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur, apple cider and cardamom-infused Vermont maple syrup.

Kiwi Collins

Kiwi Collins. Photo: Bellagio

The Kiwi Collins uses Grey Goose Le Citron, kiwi, house-made organic cold-pressed kale-apple juice and simple syrup with sparking lemon soda and cooled by a mint ice block.

Then there are the specialty cocktails that include the Cranberry-Desert Sage Infusion, a sharable cocktail-for-two served in a porthole infusion jar that allows the essence of cranberries, persimmon, kumquat, desert sage syrup, lemon juice and white cranberry juice to meld with Absolut Elyx vodka and Leopold Bros. Maraschino liqueur. The Pear Harvest features a brûléed pear sitting on top of Grey Goose La Poire, Rekorderlig pear cider, Pallini Limoncello, Madagascar vanilla syrup and Southwest prickly pear juice.

Harvest by Roy Ellamar

The Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109