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First Taste of Harvest by Roy Ellamar Menu at the Bellagio

From the garden to the ranch to "Snack Wagon Delights."

Harvest by Roy Ellamar
Harvest by Roy Ellamar
Susan Stapleton

It won't be long to discover what Roy Ellamar has planned for the evolution of Sensi into his own branded Harvest by Roy Ellamar restaurant at the Bellagio. Still on target to arrive in late December, the executive chef has started dropping hints to his menu, to be served in a promised "elemental setting with natural wood flooring and hand-blown light fixtures."

The main dining room will be anchored by an exhibition kitchen, cooking up local and regional ingredients and a new lounge will meet guests at the front entrance. Daily opening hours will be 5 to 10.30 p.m.

On the menu, expect to pick and choose choose dishes from six distinct concepts Garden, Ocean, Ranch, Boards, Stone Oven, Rotisserie, and Snack Wagon Delights, all created with a health-conscious eye.

Locally sourced Farmer’s Salad, mellow, apple-smoked sunchokes and carrots with sharp goat cheese vinaigrette.
Charred brussels sprouts tossed in sweet maple syrup and tangy bourbon soy sauce, then topped with mustard seeds.
Farro Congee with foraged wild mushrooms and farm egg and creamed Kale, created with savory fried shallots and garlic.

Oysters on the half shell, sourced from multiple locations around the country, also available barbecued or fried in a crisp breading.

Grilled Pork Cheek, sourced from Becker Lane, paired with sweet, roasted apple puree and salty miso glaze served over a bed of seasoned apple kimchee.
Duck confit buns, a brioche steam bun with foie gras and sour pickled radish and sweet kumquat preserves.
Grilled beef
from Painted Hills in Oregon will be grilled and served with béarnaise and red wine sauce.

Charcuterie selections of hand-selected cured meats, cheeses and preserves.
Ham and goat cheese flatbread, made with Broadbent’s Kentucky country ham, creamy goat cheese and topped with arugula sprouts.
Pig’s head tartine, an open-faced sandwich with  truffle aioli on country bread made with artisanal, stone-ground flour.
Naan bread and Herb Pesto, a Mediterranean take on a board presentation with tangy Greek yogurt raita.

Stone Oven:
A daily whole fish, cooked on a stone oven designed specifically for seafood preparation.

Slow roasted porchetta, layered with  herb salsas and vinaigrettes.
A "Bird of the Day," such as guinea hen, pheasant and squab.

Snack Wagon Delights:
A traveling cart will present Chef Ellamar’s "creations of the moment" to guests tableside.
Jars filled with spreads such as smoked salmon belly dip paired with an everything croissant and broccoli raab pesto served with naan bread.
Painted Hills hangar steak tartare served with oyster aioli and Chioggia beet with quinoa and blood oranges.
Agedashi tofu enhanced with the ham dashi and trout roe.


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