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Harmon Square Really Will Have New Tenants and Fast Food Sculptures

Get ready for selfies with a giant pizza slice and Dunkin Donut's coffee mug street art.

Harmon Square rendering
Harmon Square rendering
Newmarket Advisors

Harmon Square is well on its way to becoming a fast food hub at the corner of Harmon and Paradise and it will soon feature an area where you can safely take "selfies" with an array of giant food sculptures while you snack on tacos and burgers.

Located across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel, the development debuted a Checkers drive-thru burger restaurant earlier this week, marking the closest location to the Strip for the chain also known as Rally's. They join Subway and the KISS Monster Mini Golf attraction as the current operating residents.

Now rapidly being built, confirmed to be next Tropical Smoothie, Liquor World, Roberto's Taco Shop, Dunkin' Donuts, an unnamed pizza parlor and another yet to be announced tenant. The pizzeria will mean within just one block of every corner on this intersection there will be opportunities to buy a slice, whether it be at Naked City Pizza, Joe's New York Pizza or Pizza Forte.

Promoting these new ventures will be giant, cast metal sculptures, a coffee cup to represent Dunkin' Donuts and a slice of pizza already proposed for Clark County approval. Sturdy enough to "sit on, eat, talk and laugh," Harmon Square's owners believe this will create such a roadside attraction a safe area to take selfies with the street art is part of the blueprints.

Upcoming tenants and a final timetable for their arrival has yet to be announced by the owners.

KISS Monster Mini-Golf

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